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Item # Title Author Publisher Price
M001 Death at Buckingham Palace C. C. Benison Bantam 1.50
M002 The Topless Tulip Caper Lawrence Block Sigent 2.50
M003 A Case of Need Michael Crichton Signet 1.50
M004 Black Sand William  Caunitz Bantam 1.50
M005 Cat in a Crimson Haze Carole Nelson Douglas Forge 2.50
M006 The Devil's Hatband Robert Greer Warner 2.50
M007 Organized Crimes Nicholas Von Hoffman Ballantine 2.00

M008 The Spy's Wife Reginald Hill Warner 2.00
M009 Lethal Statues Nancy Herndon Berkley 2.00
M010 A Deadly Schedule Roy Hart St. Martins Press 2.00
M011 Elephant's Graveyard Karin McQuillan Ballantine 2.00
M012 All things Under the Moon Robert Morgan Berkley 2.00
M013 Cause and Effect Ralph McInerny Atheneum 2.00
M014 Ladies Too Ed McBain Warner 1.00
M015 Beauty and the Beast Ed McBain Warner 1.00
M016 Face Value Lia Matera Pocket 2.50
M017 Confessions of Felix Krull Thomas Mann Signet 1.00
M018 Death of a Partner Janet Neel Pocket 2.50
M019 Death's Bright Angel Janet Neel Pocket 2.50
M020 A Wreath For the Bride Lillian O'Donnell Fawcett Crest 1.50
M021 The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog Elizabeth Peters Warner 3.50
M022 Crocodile In the Sandbank Elizabeth Peters Warner 1.50
M023 HB/DJ The Ape Who Guards the Balance Elizabeth Peters Avon 10.00
M024 Naked Once More Elizabeth Peters Warner 1.50
M025 The Face of A Stranger Anne Perry Ivy 1.50
M026 Small Vices Robert B Parker Berkley 3.00
M027 The Body in the Basement Katherine Hall Page Avon 2.00
M028 Who Killed What's Her Name? Elizabeth Daniel Squire Berkley 2.00
M029 Angel's Biding Sharon Gwyn Short Fawcett Gold Medal 2.00
M030 Twilight At Mac's Place Ross Thomas Warner 1.50
M031 Thrill Kill Wm Vanderburg S.P.I. Books 1.50
M033 A Touch of Frost R. D. Wingfield Bantam 2.50
M034 Murder on the Run Gloria White Dell 1.50
M035 Kahawa Donald E Westlake Warner 2.00
M036 The Secrets of Harry Bright Joseph Wambaugh Bantam 2.00
Sisters in Crime: Anthology Julie Smith, Elizabeth Peters, Marcia Miller, Sue Grafton, more. . . Berkley 10.00