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Item # Title Author Publisher Price
FT001 Zuckerman Unbound Phillip Roth Fawcett 1.00
FT002 Mavis Brenda Marshall Fawcett 2.00
FT003 Queen of Hell J. N. Williamson Nordon .75
FT004 The Story of Sandy Susan Stanhope Wexler Signet .25
FT005 Airport Arthur Hailey Bantam 1.00
FT006 The Ebony Swan Phyllis A Whitney Fawcett 1.00
FT007 The Grey Beginning Barbara Michaels Harper 1.50
FT008 The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway Collier 1.50
FT009 The Horn John Holmes Crest .50
FT010 Auntie Mame Patrick Dennis Ballantine 2.00
FT011 The Desert Queen Doris Leslie Popular .75
FT012 The Loved One Evelyn Waugh Dell .75
FT013 Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare Washington Square 1.00